There's no auto tracing here! We manually vectorize your low res image and return to you a vector file that is of the highest quality. Why is that important? You will be able resized the image as large or as small as you want. WITHOUT loss of quality. *In some instances, we may design part of the image to be raster in order to obtain a more photo quality look.

If you want to resize it to  1" x 1"  or 20 ' x 20 ' image it will have the same high quality look. (*Note - if any part of the image is a raster image - resizing degradation may occur.


  • Simply upload what you want vectorized
  • Select whether you want same day, 24 hour or 48 hour turn times. (We have options for shorter turns for the simple and medium difficulty levels. You’ll receive a low res of your vectorized file upon payment. There will be 3 options Simple, Medium and Custom (or difficult vectorization, this option will require a quote)